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Teaching Essential Reiki at Rancho Santana, Nicaragua

November 4, 2019
Chronologies, Excerpts, Fragments and Reflections!
the Artistic Journals of Dan Abernathy

The Essential Way – A Foundation For Peace

IMG_5161Teaching Essential Reiki at Rancho Santana, Nicaragua

 As a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, it was a great honor for me to teach Essential Reiki and pass on the attunements of Reiki I & II with the spa staff at Rancho Santana in Nicaragua. My heart unfolds to Khaki Wieters, Tanya Lexin, Yosselin Acevedo, Maria de Los Angeles Guzman, Yolanda Amador Martinez, Daylin Lopez, Isayana Rosario Mora, Francisca Obando, and Peter Lanuza Gonzalez
         My goal as teacher is to help students become competent and confident Reiki healers, while guiding and nurturing them to fully develop their capacity to work with energy and help them develop within themselves the idea of living the Reiki way, not to just practicing it.

As a Reiki instructor it is my purpose to help connect the, “energetic dots,” for the students so they understand the mind, body, and energy relationship. These dots would not have been linked without the amazing help of Tanya and Khaki, who not only were the translators in this all Spanish speaking class, but also the conduits helping the energy flow and touch each person there.
        As I watched the Reiki energy ignite during the wonderful days I truly was living the Reiki Way and found the truth of becoming the Reiki Master, for this is when you truly become the student of Reiki.

IMG_5105The Airport Sleeps

It is going to happen. When you thrive with the elevated precedence of being on the road or to travel in general, at some point you are going to find yourself broke down, delayed, or stranded. This experience again materialized, when my flights to Nicaragua were dipped into confusion and I spent the night, “camping” at Miami International Airport, Not that it was much of a camping trip as there was no where to find comfort in airport camping.
       Late into the night, after all the restaurants closed, random conversations ended and people filtered into their reasons for being there, I was overly amused at how such a large airport can became so empty. The granite floors lost the flow of feet, as the airport became quiet as the delayed travelers found safe spots to sleep.
       So around 2:00 to 3:30, as sleep for myself was nowhere to be found, the creative lights ignited. Never without a camera and never having fully departing from my photojournalistic years, nor the thrill of formulating a photo story, I went on assignment to document, The Airport Sleeps.

Tacos & Tequila
La Taqueria at
The Beach & Surf Club at Playa Los Perros – Ranch Santana – Tola, Nicaragua

IMG_5352When visiting the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua you will be told that the tacos at La Taqueria are the best in the world. I’m not sure how much truth this holds, as I have not yet experienced all the tacos of the world, but until I do the tacos and tequila at La Taqueria will rest high on the at the “Best Taco & Tequila List,” I am constructing. And, for now I will not confuse any palate dreams with euphoric words about the ceviche there.
La Taqueria is located at Playa Los Perros in Rancho Santana, Tola, Nicaragua. An open beach bar and surf shop with a “surf shack sophisticated,” offering light, fresh beach fare in a rustic, casual setting.  The open-air taqueria serves baja-style tacos, quesadillas, ceviche, garden fresh salsas and more. Everything served is prepared to order using fresh ingredients including the freshest of fish. The tortillas are homemade from corn that is ground onsite daily.IMG_5356
       The margaritas served from your choice of tequila, which runs from good to better, were amazingly fantastic. They too are created with freshness and not from an over sweet mix. This liquid invention and location was not constructed to indulge in just one.
As you indulge your senses with this amazing experience, your sense of sight will also be stimulated from the view of Playa Los Perros, one of the most stunning beaches on the coast. There is also a pint-sized surf shop where you can rent surfboards and acquire beachwear before catching a wave or just meandering along the beautiful beach.
 La Taqueria is open daily, 11:00am to sunset. No reservations or shoes needed.

Tacos & Tequila
Tacos & Tequila, a assessment of habitual indulgence, is a venture joining the strange, obscure and baffling elements that I seem to find a requirement to do. I came to learn the importance of tacos late in life, though I have been heavily schooled in tequila. So now in this phase, I am making up for the tacos I’ve missed as I combine them with fine tequila.
        This obsession begins with the loss of my dear friend Kelly. It was commonly known that she would drive over 100 miles for a Taco Bell fix. Now that I have followed her trail into the folds of the taco, I will never compare any taco to Taco Bell. Their tacos are unique and cannot be associated to any other style. I must also add that each time I fall to the degradation of a Taco Bell fix, I give tribute to Kelly with a traditional hard shell taco.
Requirements and Criteria
A taco is a fried tortilla that is folded and stuffed with a mixture of seasoned meat, cheese, and lettuce. But, as you have or will see see, you can construct a taco out of just about anything. The only requirement is, it is on a corn tortilla, never flour. The second requirement is it must have a salsa on top.
      Tequila, which is only produced in designated areas of Mexico, has had rocky history climbing to the top shelf, but in doing so has become one of the most popular liquors in the world. It is distilled from the juice of the blue agave plant’s heart, known as the piña. While it’s the essential ingredient to the classic margarita, it’s just as popular served “neat,” with a side of lime and salt, affectionately known as “legs.”
      What I have learned so far is each taco is as unique as the tequila that primes the taco indulgence. There will be no placing of negativity into this quasi pseudo food review to contaminate any flavors and thoughts of any taco or tequila. So, remember that if I have been to a taco shop that does not stimulate a review, that is infect a review into itself.
So this is where it begins and as far as I am concerned there are no rules and no end that I will ever hope to find!

Tattoo Session Number 5,
IMG_5904With the continued homage to spirit animals, tattoo session number Five is Lord Ganesha. I explained these tattoos on my arm during an Extended Reiki Class, and Adam, a new friend, called my arm, my own personal Totem Pole, which it is. Thanks Adam this is a term I will continue to develop and honor. Each item that is added will be connected to the different aspects of my higher self. Thanks to Joe Chandler for helping me reach this mystical quest of documentation. Take note of this one as t is drawn freehand by Joe with markers before the tattooing begin.
If you would like to offer your skin as a canvas to an amazing artist, I highly recommend giving Joe a call and booking a session. Working with Joe is an amazing collaboration. Contact Joe through Facebook or call 307-941-2423

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