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The Fishing Village of Gigante, Nicaragua

December 14, 2019
Chronologies, Excerpts, Fragments and Reflections!
the Artistic Journals of Dan Abernathy

Walking Around the Fishing Village of Gigante, Nicaragua
One of the highlights of being on the Emerald Coast was wandering the beaches and back streets, in the community of Gigante. Playa Gigante is a small fishing village located north of San Juan del Sur on the Southern Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. The town entails of about 500 gracious locals, a fluctuating number of expats, some surfers and a few beachfront restaurants and cafes. The residents that inhabit this area are unbelievable warm, friendly and can deliver a smile in record time. A real and genuine smile, one that originated from within the heart before exploding from their face.

IMG_5649This small community of Gigante is now struggling because of the political crisis and loss of tourism, but they are still as accepting and amazingly hospitable. The unemployment is at a staggering high now and you will be hearing more about some humanitarian plans to assistance this village. I am jumping into the effort to help feed these new friends and show them that hope will never fade when it is fueled with kindness and compassion.

IMG_5791I hope you enjoy these images I made while strolling the back street and beaches of Gigante and can see, as I did, that these people may not have much, but in reality have so much more then their materialistic neighbors of the north. – dbA


Chronologies, Excerpts, Fragments and Reflections!

The Artistic Journals of Dan Abernathy

A show of my Journals is currently being displayed in the Gallery at the Sublette Country Library. It will be up until the end of December. Please stop by and have a look into my mind and thoughts.

Artist Statement
Each morning I open my journals and pour into them myself. These are thoughts and ideas that arrive from unlimited sources. This is my voice, be it in words or in art. It is a collection of oddities, fascinations, desires and obsessions – a road map of sorts, tracking the life of a man that can’t and won’t fit in.

Now I make available 98% of my freedom and perspectives with, Chronologies – Excerpts – Fragments and Reflections, be they unsolidified and random thoughts, words of meaning, words of too much meaning, or perhaps at times, meandering, incomplete and unedited rants, unleashed to the masses. The other 2% I keep to myself archived as a waiting gift for the scholars and naysayers to decipher after I walk on.
These pieces are available framed and for purchase.
Please contact me for information.

The Essential Way – A Foundation For Peace
I will be teaching Essential Reiki I & II in Roosevelt Utah, hosted by Erika Winterton, a supporter of energy workers, and spiritual service based professional commerce.

Essential Reiki I & II
With Usui Reiki Master Dan Abernathy
January 23-26, 2020
The Grace Event Center, Roosevelt, Utah

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique used for energy balancing, stress reduction and relaxation. It is administered by touch, the placing of hands. It is based on the idea of the universal life force energy, which flows through all of us. This energy is the essence of our being, our consciousness and our soul.

Essential Reiki I & II
Essential Reiki I & II are easy to learn and powerful to use on yourself, friends and family. These classes are for anyone interested in learning techniques for self-healing and helping others. Whether you are a professional healer or not, you will enjoy these classes and benefit from the material presented. This class is very personal and relaxed, yet well organized to achieve the intended goals. Essential Reiki is taught using the Usui style of Reiki with lecture, discussion, an attunement for each level, and plenty of hands on experience. There will also be instruction with the use of a pendulum, Kum Nye for relaxation, meditations and Redolence Therapy with essential oils.

Please contact me for booking information.

I want to give out a huge Thanks to my sponsors who used the Donate button on my website. You are the ones keeping the strange ideas, thoughts and travel stories in the view of everyone, everywhere.
         If you are in possession of one of those kind souls and would just like to give a donation of love to help you can Donate to the cause. Please go to my website, and hit the donate button. I will be forever grateful and return the kindness by continuing to furnish random acts of kindness each day and will keep the content of my endeavors alive for all to see, read and hear.

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