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The Configuration

August 29, 2016

Each time I return to my address, I revisit the motive of why I was gone. I love my zip code area, as well as the magic that flourishes here, but I cannot be dormant in where I live. My strongest stimulation derives from the road, exploring the new, even if these places have been touched before. It is the joyous rush I pursue. Like an addict, it is a euphoric feeling I chase, the moment of now that makes me stop just to admire the mystic wonderment of a wide-open vista. 

       I stroll into a small town, find the local museum to see and visit how life was, then find the local coffee shop and taverns to see how life is. I make 100’s of images of the things that catch my eye, but I will also sit my camera on top of my sandals so I can feel the energy of the area absorb through my bare feet. The energy of where I am, right now in the indention of where I am standing, flowing up into my existence. I shed my cloths and dive into waters I have never touched before. I can spend hours wondering in a place doing nothing but being where I am. 

       I find no urgency in what I do, as discarding the chance of regret while making memories is my high priority. I smile and meet the person I will never see again, knowing the greatest moment is now, as we assemble. I am here to see, record and share what I am observing, doing and feeling, emotionally wrapping it all with particulars, creativity and spirituality. I do this while I gorge myself with existing. This is my constant, the configuration that makes me alive in the who, of who I am. – dbA

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  1. Afrika Bohemian permalink
    August 29, 2016 8:03 am

    “I do this while I gorge myself with existing.” What a way to seize this life, exploring from contentment and loving always the present moment while making memories in new and exciting places

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