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The Imbalance Of What Is Now

October 21, 2019
Chronologies, Excerpts, Fragments and Reflections!
the Artistic Journals of Dan Abernathy

IMG_4752 2Each day I am invaded with the thoughts of the imbalance of what is now, the common day-to-day now of our crumbling society. A society and nation that was built by the dreams of immigrants and the unstoppable commitments of individuals and I find a sick discontent in the back of my throat. We, as we have become an inconsistent nation, have been allowing the degradation of humanity to happen for a long time. Blindly and guided by greed and broken promises, we have been conditioned to believe rules and regulations will curtail change and keep what we have found, like we found it. But, in doing so we have altered every freethinking thought that was ever envisioned. The natural balance is no longer thriving. It has been replaced with ego, greed and discontent. I will also add, for burning sensation, judgment, comparison and cowardly hate.

On a local level, look at all the use-to-be cool free spirited places of fascination, Jackson, Wyoming, Boulder Colorado, Park City Utah, Taos New Mexico, Sedona Arizona, these were all places found by the free thinking gypsy troubadours. Individual people that was not willing to live by the ways of, “the Man,” any longer. In these places a freedom grew and the only rule was, you had the freedom to do your own thing.

These were the true Hippies that were unwilling to live like they were being told and strived to live by a code of rejecting established institutions, while discarding the traditions of mainstream American life. They opposed violence and war and developed a countercultural movement that developed into a distinctive lifestyle.

Then other people took note of these free lifestyles and they too wanted to be part of it, even if it was just for the weekend, a week or a month. The free spirited paradises started to grow. We all know what happened to these places of the once free spirited minds and what they have become. Now only the extreme wealthy can live freely and uninhibited within the restrictions and abundant covenants of what was once the places to deny established rules and treaties. The freethinking, do what you want foundation of what were these places were built on, has turned to what these free thinking people were escaping from. They are controlled with the phrase, “you can’t do that.”

The control and suppression has no end, no reflection on the past atrocities or no boundaries for the future as degradation of man is bypassed for the greed of the few. Now I look at the ruling party, the head of state and a democracy that was built on the foundation of free thinking individuals and immigrants and see that this is no longer available. We have people deliberately hunting down the oppressed and undocumented, and I also question why each of us has to be documented, as documentation is just another way of controlling the people. Are these people, the hunters, the same type of sadistic, cruel, controlling bullies that hunted the roaming natives of the Americas and beyond? The runaway slaves and the Jews during the holocaust?

This has all happened in the past and history is repeating itself again, though we shudder in fear and disgust with what has been, we stand quietly as it is unfolding in front of us and as a whole all we truly care about is if our morning latte is made right and that the internet stays up with no glitch in service so we can see more atrocities unfold in the latest mas-controlling stream of misinformation. – dbA

Tattoo Session Number 4,
Paying more homage to spirit animals, tattoo session number four are ravens back grounding the Reiki Tree. The Raven signifies intelligence and the ability to learn quickly, it shows mystery and represents prophecy and insight and the guide towards the magical and mystical ways. Each item that is added will be connected to the different aspects of my higher self. Thanks to Joe Chandler for helping me reach this mystical quest of documentation.
If you would like to offer your skin as a canvas to an amazing artist, I highly recommend giving Joe a call and booking a session. Working with Joe is an amazing collaboration. Contact Joe through Facebook or call 307-941-2423

Levi 501’s
It’s not that I’ve cut off
my back pockets,
I’ve just tossed
the right one away
and moved the left one
to the right front
and Levi 501’s
are no longer quiet.
These denim jeans
are much to binding
after knowing the freedom
of Thai fishermen.   – dbA

Levi 501’s a new poem from the 2019 Collection
You can find more of my poetry on my website in the volumes of
Looking for Security While Wearing a Loincloth
I Don’t Shave on Sundays and
My Mind Has Forgotten to Age

DerivativeThe Essential Way – A Foundation For Peace
And The Seven Elements of the Essential Way –
Calmness, Compassion, Kindness, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Love and Mindfulness
Live Them
Being spiritual, being kind and being compassionate are characteristics and features that should not be practiced; they should be lived each and every day. – dbA

A Page From My Journal
Ryan gift
After returning to my mode of transpiration, after some magnificent refueling time at my sanctuary on the lake I found a gift from Ryan. It blessed my heart and then found permanent residence on a journal page.

I want to give out a huge Thanks to my sponsors who used the Donate button on my website. You are the ones keeping the strange ideas, thoughts and travel stories in the view of everyone, everywhere.
         If you are in possession of one of those kind souls and would just like to give a donation of love to help you can Donate to the cause. Please go to my website, and hit the donate button. I will be forever grateful and return the kindness by continuing to furnish random acts of kindness each day and will keep the content of my endeavors alive for all to see, read and hear.
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