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From The Journals of Dan Abernathy

July 27, 2020
Chronologies, Excerpts, Fragments and Reflections!
the Artistic Journals of Dan Abernathy
Complete another journal in a reclaimed Japanese art book 98 pages. Starting date, June 6th-??-2020. Ending date July 22, 2020. This was the opening page.
It comes to no surprise that bodies lay near the edge of the tall grass. Some have been murdered while some frolic in the jubilation of picnicking. There will be songs about the dead. Yes there will be many songs about the dark times as we now fear the moments of bliss and without haste eat our picnic lunch. – dbA

Contributing to the Chaos while   – – – Living – Life – Large

On June 15th of this year I celebrated 40 years as a Wyoming resident. I lived on the upper Willow Creek Ranch on what was referred to as the Shriver Place, or the Pape Place, depending on what era of inhabitation you knew it from. I was truly at the end of the road with nothing beyond but, Willow Creek Guard Station, a trailhead and the National Forest

The cabin had no electricity. The water was piped in from a spring and an unobtrusive quiet was everywhere. It did have a large bookshelf, which I promptly filled with books to use under a gas-burning lantern.

This old cabin, which is gone now, was the most serine and comfortable space I have ever called home. It was truly a calm dwelling of tranquility, both in reality and in memory.

Now, forty years later, I am again finding myself at the end of a road, not the same road but truly another calming place of serenity. I have also come full circle with living in rural Wyoming. Fortifying my foundation of calmness, as I relax in the energy of solitude, I am again walking fence lines and chasing water in an attempt to keep some grass green.

The last 40 years have been an adventuress ride in many special and distinctive ways. As I sit now on the edge of the pond, perhaps with a glass of wine, basking in the alpine glow of the evening, I ponder thought in the reflection of what is, I have come to understand, the world is going to continue rotating whether people understand you or not.

As I continue to get in touch with the person I am I seem to have lost the worry about people comprehending who I am. I simply concentrate on what brings me peace and joy. I’ve accepted and learned that the flaws of who I am, the awkwardness, the eccentric weirdness, the intensity and vulnerability, the complete all, of who I am, is nothing more then who I am. Living in this disarray is also a freedom that no mater what, can and will not be altered.

As for myself, which is really all anyone can speak of, I prefer to stay undefined. In doing so, I can identify in a much broader scope and also understand that thoughts are not a problem unless you allow your problems to be your thoughts. While doing this, and not fitting in I also understand that the path has no map or direction and there is no faultless adaptation of the present moment. We cannot always remove the errors to make them right.

No matter how you embrace your authentic self, there is a different rendition and interpretation in the translation that exists in the minds of everyone who knows you. For those that think they know you, this rendered explanation is even further from who you are.

As your energy of being is present to you and to those around you, so too is the energy of other people. When you are with people, in the moment, you share the same breath of air, and the same field of energy. These times can and should be invigorating for all involved, but they can also be depleting.

Some people are imbalanced, un-centered and completely out of touch with their own personal source of energy. These often drag you down and make you feel exhausted after being in their presence. They can be friendly, cheerful and on the surface look and act as if they know nothing but positivity and compassion, but below the surface their imbalance, is roaring out of balance. These people exist on the energy transfusion of others.

I caution myself, as I don’t want to depict harsh judgment on anyone. They are seemingly lost while constantly asserting help, but not for the compassion of giving kindness. Their motives for helping stem from gain and they look for how their giving will benefit themselves. At times they attach themselves like barnacles and become increasingly dependent and extremely more demanding. To reinforce their self-worth, which is born from being insecure and filled with low self-esteem, they become dominate and confused manipulators.

Though I am told that I’m welcome, I am not. I am not welcome because I want no part of the reality I’m asked, or told to enter. Simply analyzed, I’ve had enough and I choose my deferment and venture towards self.

Humanity has lost the ability to walk a path that is not marked with guidelines and direction. Freedom has been replaced with authorized maneuvering and accepted passage. As the projected reality is coagulated, galvanized and annealed to endlessly create a world of confusion, struggle and chaotic limitations. 

I stand-alone on my foundation of calmness, which in itself is a mystery for some to understand, I have reached a point where my mood and emotions do not shift based on an insignificant action of another person, or group of peoples. I walk true to myself and will not allow others to control the direction of my life.

What has been forgotten, lost, forfeited, or set-aside is that so many people have failed to remember and notice, is that usually it’s the small simple things in your lives that truly count the most. – dbA

You can find more, free spirited and unfiltered insight of Dan Abernathy and his wandering travels at

Somniative Collection

The eclectic Somniative Collection, which has no borders or parameters. This collection is inspired and created from found natural objects and or rusted metal from abandoned dumpsites. These old, antique reclaimed and repurposed metallic objects are used to enhance the uniqueness. These are one-of-a-kind, completely created by the hands of the artist.

Canis Lupus – Wooden Print – The Wooden Prints are part of the eclectic Somniative Collection. Influenced by the drawing style of stippling and the old scientific drawings of early explorers, this wolf skull was drawn by Dan Abernathy. It was then printed on wood. The wood grain is visible in lighter areas. The wood image is wrapped with copper, patinaed, then mounted to reclaimed wood, which raises it from the background approximately ¾ of an inch. The edges of the background have also been wrapped with copper and patinaed. To purchase please go to my website and click on “Click” on the Eclectic Art Banner. S3820 $295.00
Buffalo Skull #1 – Acrylic on Metal – This is art on metal and part of my eclectic Somniative Collection. It is created on cold pressed steal using acrylic paint pens. The background metal is rusted and painted. Allowing the paint to mix with the rust creates a unique, weathered color and expression that becomes one of a kind. The edges are wrapped in patinaed copper. The back is finished and has D-Rings for hanging. Overall size is Approximately 3’ X 3’ To purchase please go to my website and click on “Click” on the Eclectic Art Banner. S3720$495.00

Art Carneys For Playa Gigante

I must applaud, thank and tell the world what amazing individuals Brad Reimers and Cheryl Essington are. They have been relentless in their help for the people of Playa Gigante. It fills me with gratitude that still after all that is going on here I am still being gifted compassion for the people of Play Gigante. You can be assured that the hardships that we are experiencing here and greatly multiplied in this little fishing village.

Like I said before, each and every dollar that is brought in goes directly to the people. There are no administration fees removed or a fat check paid to a CEO for being a part. We are here for the people. It is that simple.

These donations are not just about the amount; it is also about kindness and compassion. It is about feeling good inside when giving to someone with no other motive then to just help. I’ve had friends dig deep into their pockets for a few hundred dollars, and other friends, that could only afford $2.00, or $5.00. But they gave. They give just to help and it all touches my heart.

All this help has been amazing and it cannot stop. Please go to my website and click on the link to Art Carneys for Playa Gigante. There is information there and the donate button is on the bottom of the page.

From all that I am I thank all that have donated, all that are donating and to the ones that are going to donate. To you all …. I Thank You!

Playa Gigante

This small fishing village of Playa Gigante, Nicaragua is severely struggling. Because of the political crisis in Nicaragua, the loss of tourism, and the unemployment is at an all-time high. Playa Gigante is a small fishing village located north of San Juan del Sur, on the Southern Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. The village has a small population of about 500 and they are some of the most gracious people I have ever met, but they are in trouble. With the fishing and tourism industry suffering greatly, the unemployment rate is rapidly increasing. These proud people are hurting. They need help feeding and caring for their families.

If you are in possession of one of those kind souls and would just like to give a donation of love please contact me. Even the smallest amount will help greatly. I guarantee that each dollar received will be going to help these proud people. Not one dime will be spent on administration fees or salaries to a CEO. Please contact me if you would like to donate something or have any questions about helping. You can also go to my website, and click on the link, Art Carneys For Playa Gigante, it will take you to a Donation button.

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