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From the Journals of Dan Abernathy

April 10, 2020
Chronologies, Excerpts, Fragments and Reflections!
the Artistic Journals of Dan Abernathy

JohnPrineJohn Prine
 I cried the morning I heard the news of John Prine passing due to complications from Corona virus. Spirit made him an angel, and the angel has flown. He has been with me pretty much my whole life. I found his music when I left home at a very young age in 1975. I have held him at the top of my music every since. His music was in my head as I walked the creek after my father died. His music has soothed me in sadness and lifted me with more positivity in Joy. He has walked on, but he has left a gift that will be part of people for eternity. He is now forever, in the poster from an old rodeo.

Chool Cast Episode 14
This Episode of the podcast has more music from Buck Frampton. He does a tribute to John Prine. It is great and Anouk, (who I believe in another person of grid,) accompanies him. Plus more Obscure words from me.

Contributing to the Chaos while
Living – Life – Large – Column
March 30, 2020

Putting all aside and out of mind for a bit, now that the days are growing longer and the snow covering the ground is growing shorter, it has provoked time for a walk, a soak in nature. My destination for such an event was Fremont Lake.

Fremont Lake is just a few miles from town, but so much different in the snow pack. We are in off times now. Mud season is not here and though the snow is receding, it is still here. The trails are not open as they are still drifted in and the bottom is falling out of the ski trails.

I followed a ski track for a short while before giving up to the “post holing” effect of breaking through the crust and veered off into the unpacked snow. I saw some open water at the outlet of the lake and decided that is where I wanted and needed to be.
With just about every forth step, the melting snow would settle and drop into about a four or five foot radius around me. This sinking whoosh of the snow made the next few steps easier. As I got to the outlet, there were three Trumpeter Swans swimming in the open water and three Canadian Geese on the iced edge.

I quietly stood watching and inhaling all of my surroundings. The sounds of nature were smoothing and became a sedative. The swans soon calmed from my presence and started grooming themselves while omitting guttural noises. The honkers made a fuss and turned up the volume of the scene as the pair, mated for life, was being assaulted. The third goose must have lost its partner and had tired of being alone. This goose aggression painted some chaos in my serine scene of nature.

Off in the distance a few crows added their disapproval, or perhaps their applause, with unmistakable agitated voices. I was a part of it all as I looked, felt and took deep breaths to fill myself completely with being there. My mind emptied from what was, to fill with what is.

As the sun dropped lower, I turned and headed back through a small grove of aspen. Reaching out to evoke the sensation of touch and stimulate another sense, I felt the smooth bark of an aspen tree. I was truly stunned at the difference of the Aspen.

I have touched many aspen trees throughout my life but I believe this is the first time I actually felt one. The green live trees had coolness to the touch and their living energy was felt. The brown and black aspen that no longer stood with life were rough and much warmer. This sensation and realization not only stimulated my sense of touch, it also stimulated thought. The coolness came from the moisture, the lifeblood of the living tree, just as the falling ones were warm and dry in the decay of their deathbed.

Our senses, what we see, hear and feel is how we observe. They are the conduits in which our lives are influenced. Through them we are touched with who we are. The more alive and active they are, the more we see and feel our surroundings, both the good and the bad.

Stimulating our senses is not living to wake in the morning and stumbling through the day without seeing what the day is. This is a wasted day, but yet some do. Some seemingly never wake up. They spend their day oblivious to what is around them until they again shut down for the day. Sadly this way of being often happens again the next day, and the next. It is a pattern that becomes a way of life and evolves into a life trait.

You can choose to see the world as a threat with bad experiences where negativity becomes the way of being, or as an easy out. Or, you can choose to see and experience the world as each opportunity unfolds as a new anomaly where each moment is new, now and alive.

When your path through living has been enhanced with some adventure that perhaps included a bit of thrill and danger which sparks some emotions of fear, you feel alive. It fills all the senses with life as each one is peaking with excitement.

When you experience the world and living in transformative ways all things become possible without limitations. These adrenaline laced times influence who you are to better enjoy and live the quiet times of solace. These times of serenity also fill with wonderment and amazement as again all your sense are alive.

When you slow down and look at what’s around, you will see what is there with new eyes. You will notice more. Explore your surroundings; open your eyes to see the leaves, trees, clouds, rocks and fallen branches. Observe the world for the mystical place that it is. Be there. It is not how far you walk, or how long you are there. Just immerse yourself when you are there. Be guided by your senses as you stimulate each one with completely being where you are. – dbA

You can find more, free spirited and unfiltered insight of Dan Abernathy and his wandering travels at

  IMG_5861 Art Carneys For Playa Gigante

I have been amazed at the generosity of people. Even in the middle of these trying times I have received some donations for the people of Play Gigante. It fills me with gratitude. You can be assured that the hardships that we are experiencing here and greatly multiplied in this little fishing village.

Like I said before, each and every dollar that is brought in goes directly to the people. There are no administration fees removed or a fat check paid to a CEO for being a part. We are here for the people. It is that simple.

These donations are not just about the amount; it is also about kindness and compassion. It is about feeling good inside when giving to someone with no other motive then to just help. I’ve had friends dig deep into their pockets for a few hundred dollars, and other friends, that could only afford $2.00, or $5.00. But they gave. They give just to help and it all touches my heart.

All this help has been amazing and it cannot stop. Please go to my website and click on the link to Art Carneys for Playa Gigante. There is information there and the donate button is on the bottom of the page.

From all that I am I thank all that have donated, all that are donating and to the ones that are going to donate. To you all …. I Thank You!

Playa Gigante
This small fishing village of Playa Gigante, Nicaragua is severely struggling. Because of the political crisis in Nicaragua, the loss of tourism, and the unemployment is at an all-time high. Playa Gigante is a small fishing village located north of San Juan del Sur, on the Southern Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. The village has a small population of about 500 and they are some of the most gracious people I have ever met, but they are in trouble. With the fishing and tourism industry suffering greatly, the unemployment rate is rapidly increasing. These proud people are hurting. They need help feeding and caring for their families.

If you are in possession of one of those kind souls and would just like to give a donation of love please contact me. Even the smallest amount will help greatly. I guarantee that each dollar received will be going to help these proud people. Not one dime will be spent on administration fees or salaries to a CEO. Please contact me if you would like to donate something or have any questions about helping. You can also go to my website, and click on the link, Art Carneys For Playa Gigante, it will take you to a Donation button.

There will be a list of donations received. Please let me know when you make the donation if I can post your name and amount, or if you prefer I will keep it anonymous.

From My Journal

Artist Statement
Each morning I open my journals and pour into them myself. These are thoughts and ideas that arrive from unlimited sources. This is my voice, be it in words or in art. It is a collection of oddities, fascinations, desires and obsessions – a road map of sorts, tracking the life of a man that can’t and won’t fit in.

From My Sketchpad

I try to create art each and every day and for the most part I do. I get a lot of pleasure from the ink pen and spend a lot of time in the evening focusing on this type of drawing with is called, stippling, while other things that are boiling around me become a secondary subject. As you call clearly see the first one is a bison skull. The second one is a wolf.

Tragedy and Beauty
There is a tragedy involved
with the mind and life of a poet.
They live in places
others cannot see.
They live in places
Others cannot walk.
They see life
without looking .
They feel the breath of life
with all their emotions.
Their release,
are the few lines
with blood from the soul.
This tragedy
is also
their beauty. 

A Greek Goddess
The curved sculptured roundness

of her ass was exposed.
The silky covers,
messed and tossed aside
covered only her legs and shoulders,
her long hair tossed about in a natural,
tangled garden of beauty,
making her become the faint vision
of a Greek goddess.
The dampness of a night
filled with lust lay dormant
while passion still lingered in the room.
The contour of her hips
resembled polished marble
as if they had been carefully carved
by an ancient sculptor.
All I could notice
and acknowledge
amidst this moment of breathtaking beauty
was the mosquito,
sitting on the sculpted roundness
of her perfect ass,
injecting its stinger
deep into the exposed
soft and tender flesh.

Words from the collection, 2020 Poetry and Words
You can find more of my poetry on my website in the volumes of
Looking for Security While Wearing a Loincloth
I Don’t Shave on Sundays and
My Mind Has Forgotten to Age

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