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Olympic Discovery Trail

September 22, 2019
Chronologies, Excerpts, Fragments and Reflections!
the Artistic Journals of Dan Abernathy

Olympic Discovery Trail
One of the most incredible discoveries I had in Washington was the Olympic Discovery Trail. I had the opportunity of walking a few different portions of this trail with Dave and his Malamute companion, Shadow. Included with these dog-walking hikes, was being witness to the many different and extremely friendly people also utilizing this multi-use trail. The Olympic Discovery Trail spans around 140 miles between Port Townsend and La Push Washington. 80 miles of the trail is completed with the additional miles under construction.

The Olympic Discovery Trail was the brainchild of three area cyclists who formed the Peninsula Trails Coalition for the purpose of developing a trail across a derelict railroad grade. When walking or biking this trail you can see the segments of the railroad and I hope that anyone near this path will use their own exploratory skills and experience the joy of meandering the many different magical areas of the Olympic Discovery Trail. – dbA

Session Number Two and Three, Session number two is the fan I use for smudging and during Reiki sessions. I made it with feathers I found or was given. Thank you Russ for being part of this sacred bundle. Russ and I became Reiki Masters together. He has walked on now, but is with me each time I use this mystic feather fan. The small people honor all my friends and family that have walked on and are not here but are still with me. Session number three is a badger scull that sits at my altar, a butterfly and some owl feathers. This is paying homage to spirit animals. Session number four is on the way.  Each item that is added will be connected to the different aspects of my higher self. Thanks to Joe Chandler for helping me reach this mystical quest of documentation.
                  If you would like to offer your skin as a canvas to an amazing artist, I highly recommend giving Joe a call and booking a session. Working with Joe is an amazing collaboration and I should also add he has a very soft touch, a good feature for a tattoo artist. Contact Joe through Facebook or call 307-941-2423

IMG_4851 2
Living in Your Own Home
It is constantly being expressed that humanity is moving towards a higher realm of awareness and civilization is resonating while aligning with a type of pseudo universal law. During all of these accusations, I continue to look and see the devastation that we as humans continually inject on all things and I see little or no realm of awareness at all. I see massive greed, hate and anger with very little care for freely living life with kindness and compassion.
                Amid this view, I am feeling pushed to walk alone as I fear the situation of who we are all being told we are, we will become. The words that are being spoken, the words that you constantly listen too, become the dwelling that you reside in. I choose to stop and no longer listen while I exist in in my own home. A place where there is no judgment, A dwelling where kindness and compassion are not just fleeting guests, but rather full time residents. – dbA

DerivativeThe Essential Way – A Foundation For Peace
And The Seven Elements of the Essential Way – Calmness, Compassion, Kindness, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Love and Mindfulness

The Crowd
When I started to follow my soul I started to loose the crowd. The crowd did not understand the process of being who you are, without waiting for the approval of the crowd to performing the next fashionable and uniform step.

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