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Session Number One

September 8, 2019
Chronologies, Excerpts, Fragments and Reflections!
the Artistic Journals of Dan Abernathy

Session Number One, of the sleeve illustration for the of for my left arm. Its not that I thought there was anything wrong with my left arm, I just believed it would be a bit more vibrant with my path of living life. This is my Reiki Identification image and the beginning of the route of illustrations for my spiritual side of being. Each item that is added will be connected to the different aspects of my higher self. Thanks to Joe Chandler for helping me reach this mystical quest of documentation.
If you would like to offer your skin as a canvas to an amazing artist, I highly recommend giving Joe a call and booking a session. HE has a way seeing beyond what your ideas are and making them shine even brighter. Working with Joe is an amazing collaboration and I should also add he has a very soft touch, a good feature for a tattoo artist. Contact Joe through Facebook or call 307-941-2423

IMG_4738We The People

We The People – have not and are not meant, to live in the course and style that our society is corrupting us to live. This contrary path will only lead to the all-inclusive degradation of freedom and self.
We The People – are meant to thrive in communities that care, are filled with people who love and have compassion, not greed and judgment, which is being fueled by the constant need for expansion and advancement.
We The People – must find calmness and coexist with each other and nature. We must be a part of nature, drink its fueling energy and honor our Mother Earth, while caring for it above all things. This is our natural environment and on all levels are sustaining life source.
We The People – need to live with openness and a spirit that is free and curtailed by nothing. Create and embrace art and enjoy it. Grow your own food and eat it. All of us must stop destroying our environment and pickup all of the debris left behind. See the beauty that is around you and inhale it. There is no reason to workday and night in pursuit of a false happiness until death is the final act of your compensation. This is nothing but a symptom from the forced consciousness of modern society. Know that happiness is nothing but an emotion. What we must strive for, each and everyday is to live and reach the total and complete joy in just being.

I Keep My Head in the Clouds

To be in recipient of, “having your head in the clouds,” broadcasts you are not paying much attention to what is happening around you. Your attention is deep within your own thoughts, or their head is filled with unrealistic ideas. When you are described as having your “head in the clouds,” it usually means that you are prone to acting or thinking unrealistically. This description can be used to indicate both behavior and thought.
          So yes, I have “My Head In The Clouds.” It is my comprehensive rebellion to not remain within the evils and greed that is circumnavigating the globe. I will not let the global societies desire to numb me as a way to achieve more and to let more of the unspeakable speak. To do this I turn my back to them and put my head into the clouds. I do this, I rebel because I feel, and what I feel hurts. So with calmness, while my head is in the clouds, my retaliation is to look away from the atrocities as I offer my hands for compassionate healing and preservation.

IMG_4886Brainwashed to Swallow

Let it be known, I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I must have a balance with self, so I avoid the constant white noise, delusion and misunderstanding that both parties constantly communicate. I am just a small town boy, though seldom have chosen wisely, knows the difference between right and wrong.

          I find it disgustingly insulting that everyone is overly analyzing and fear common courtesy. Repulsively today it seems as if being American means overlooking someone in need, thinking with a closed mind, tossing individuals out of the window, or under a bus, while you stream sexual innuendoes towards your cousin. When these sadistic situations are inhaled and regurgitated, then to reappear in your mouth. You are brainwashed to swallow and are told you must swallow to make America great again

        America, where greed has become commonplace, while throat punching compassion to watch it quiver in the charred and cauterized filth of advancement, profitability and progress. The real sins and atrocities slither by as misconduct and the petty misdemeanors are attached to you for eternity as you are publicly hung to decompose from a center pole. That is until someone else has the misfortune of public ridicule to unwillingly pilfer your unsolicited limelight. – dbA

A Page From My JournalIMG_4823
When you completely find yourself, your true self, the one that had been placed behind the barriers and blockades erected by the manipulation of what is being deemed, “should be,” you will find a freedom that is intoxicating. The naysayers will stand and look bewildered and scoff in disbelief, or perhaps they turn and run in fear.

Mans Gift
There is no logic in this story,
but the sensations are so precisely real,
that life seems to creep in.
I can feel my existence
drenched with heavy industrial oil,
as it routes its way down the who,
of who I am.

My eyelids are heavy and tired
as it drizzles into my eyes.
It is slowing moving down my back,
diverted and dripping from my elbows,
though it never splatters
on the gravel at my feet.

The aftermath of this degradation
is hidden from seemingly inquisitive eyes.
There are no oily stains to witness
for people holding doves;
the ones say they care.
There is no reason to feel
the claustrophobic suffocation
of what is being squeezed from my lungs.

I look into each of the four directions
seeing nothing but beauty emerge from every angle,
but the feeling of euphoria has been lost.
There is only this dripping, thick oil,
and the smell of sickening pungent waste.

All I can do is watch this dead deer
hanging from the fence,
a dissipating monument
of the horrific death that man gifts the planet,
a gift that materialized so quickly,
leaving us with nothing but empty tears,
that no longer know to fall.

That was Mans Gift a poem from my next Chap Book. Morning Sex and Pancakes
You can find more of my poetry on my website in the volumes of
Looking for Security While Wearing a Loincloth
I Don’t Shave on Sundays and
My Mind Has Forgotten to Age

Mirror PromoMetal Obscure Conceptual Design in Contemporary Industrial Bravura

The Industrial age unites with a carefree contemporary style creating a mirror that reflects more then what is being reflected, while creating beautiful adornment with functionality. Each of these metal-framed mirrors are handmade, built with a wooden frame and wrapped with metal or copper, which is then scared and aged. A wide array of old, antique, reclaimed and repurposed metallic objects are found and mounted to enhance the uniqueness. These mirrors are one-of-a-kind, completely hand crafted, hand sanded, and hand stained by the hands of the artist, bringing the pinnacle of classic industrial design to walls, anywhere.
Go to for more information and to purchase.
Custom sizes mirrors are welcome! Please contact for a cost proposal!

The Essential Way – A Foundation For Peace
And The Seven Elements of the Essential Way –
Calmness, Compassion, Kindness, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Love and Mindfulness

In the quiet moments of self allow yourself to know and feel gratitude. Hold a fragment of this moment, now, and give thanks. This is an acknowledgment of the mighty distance that you have come and what you have achieved. Give yourself this uninterrupted time of appreciation with no concern or worry what may manifest in the future.

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