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Searching for the Tree of Life

July 30, 2019
Chronologies, Excerpts, Fragments and Reflections!
the Artistic Journals of Dan Abernathy

IMG_4498Like all things that are not supposed to be, the Tree of Life is called a freak of nature, or some refer to it as magical. However it is described or defined it is something that isn’t supposed to happen. It isn’t natural for a tree to be alive with its roots exposed and holding the tree proudly by clinging to air. With no logical explanation for why it hasn’t toppled into the ocean this truly amazingly enchanted tree seems to be immortal.

I learned of the Tree of Life before venturing to The Pacific Northwest. I knew this area is filled with natural wonders and this fairy-tale like tree I had to see. It was calling me to come sit under its roots and for just a brief moment be totally and completely there as I quieted myself in a meditation while connecting to Mother Earth. So I went.


The Tree of Life sits on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in the in the plush Olympic National Park, about an hour southwest of the Hon Rainforest. However, there is no grid coordinates, roadside signs or markings on a map to get to this amazing tree and if the truth were told, destiny guided us as we stumbled into the area where it is enchantingly tucked away on the shore.

Known for its wide trunk and towering height, The Tree of Life is a Sitka spruce, the largest type of spruce known and can be found all along the west coast.

Underneath the tangled roots of the Tree of Life is seemingly a cave with small, smooth Sellers_RS_cobble like stones carpeting the entrance. Inside is a streambed where water can flow into the cave and out towards the ocean. It’s this stream that washes the soil from underneath the roots, nourishing the tree and possibly destroying it. The Tree of Life is a phenomenon that lives beyond the parameters of any tree.

Questions have been asked many times of why, but no one really knows how it keeps on living. Perhaps as I deliberated while sitting cross-legged underneath these free and massive roots, it is an empowering symbol. The Tee of Life is giving us all a message that we also can continue to live and be free, even when so many worldly components are seemingly against us. – dbA


Shucking and Slurping at Hama Hama Oyster Farm

IMG_4544It’s not very often you’re remotely offered fresh oysters on someone’s else’s tab, but I was! When Jed Duke found out I was going to be in the Pacific Northwest he made me an offer I just could not any intelligent reason to refuse. It also didn’t take much convincing to get Dave to embark on a short road trip to the Hood Canal with the climatic destination being the Hama Hama Oyster Farm, near Lilliwaup, Washington.


When we got there I found Lissa, who is generation number five of the family ran business. I have to say; she was looking at me with a bit of curiosity on her face as I boldly walked towards her with a large smile saying I had something for her. I wrapped my arms around her in a big hug and said this is from Jed and Brad! She hugged back, smiled and told me the Wyoming shadow keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Dave and I had a fantastic time as we shucked and slurped fresh oysters along with a couple IPA’s while listening to live music while a couple of bald eagles circled around the canal. The whole experience was unforgettable and the oysters were delicious. The Hama Hama Oyster Farm is an amazing happening place that should be on the list of anyone traveling through the area.


Not sure how much tab you have left Jed, but thanks to you, Dave and I had a great lunch experience in this magical location you and Brad have told me so much about.




Twisted Buddha Copper Necklacetb2

Wear Twisted Buddha and share the dispatch towards joy, words to follow that need no organized principles to follow.
“There is no path to happiness, happiness is itself the path.”
Helping to find the Way with Calming Compassion, the Twisted Buddha is created from recycling and reclaimed copper wire. Each one is twisted and formed by hand with the intent of calmness and compassion. Being created by hand, each one will have slight variations in style and uniformity. Available in two sizes, large, approximately 3 inches, $24, on a 26, inch copper chain, and small, approximately 2 inches, on a 24 inch copper chain, $22. Chains are treated and will not discolor skin.
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erikaChasing Illusions Podcast

I was honored and asked to visit with Erika Winterton as a guest on her podcast, Chasing Illusions. It was a pure treat and I had an amazing time. Thank you Erika I cannot wait to visit with you more.

“In this episode I interview Dan Abernathy to discover a deeper layer to his internal operations, perspective, and practices that allow him to truly live life the way he feels called to, without the ties that bind him to “do” life the way others might expect.

I was so inspired by the way Dan simply is… and I hope that you enjoy his charismatic and joy filled voice just as much as I did.” Erika Winterton

Go to

Being With Buffalo

buf2Being in the middle of hundreds of bison, surrounded by the massive animals as they ambled about looking deeply into what I am. Being alive and completely present in the moment was truly an interval of time consenting words to be unworthy. It was an incredible moment that briefly erased time from time. To quietly be, to see, hear and feel their presence was more than humbling. Reflecting on what occurred, I was completely present while being there, not only allowing me to be with glorious creatures of the earth, but also permitted me to be filled with the gratitude of being who I am and living in the ways I have chosen. – dbA

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