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Marfa Texas: Part Three

November 15, 2016

There are three things that will be included in every conversation concerning the town of Marfa, Texas, the Mystery Lights, the Marfa Prada, both of which I did not see and the fact that Marfa is several hours from any major city. Marfa Prada, a pop culture landmark made of adobe bricks, plaster, paint, glass and carpet, designed to resemble a Prada store, which is in fact not in Marfa, but rather in Valentine, 35 miles away. Even the Mystery Lights, which were the origin of Marfa’s fame, are better seen nine miles away. But these lights are seen, not by me, but other people and described as; mysterious orbs of light suddenly appearing above desert foliage. These balls of light may remain stationary as they pulse on and off with intensity varying from dim to almost blinding brilliance.

What I did see in Marfa was a cool little West Texas town that I still really do not comprehend. It’s a travel and shopping destination where Learjet’s regularly land transporting art buyers and celebrities looking for the latest piece of contemporary art. Marfa is a town of less than 2000 people and the home of 21 art galleries, which again I did not see as they were all closed, open only on the weekends. The only art I enjoyed was what I could see peering through dusty glass windows.

What I did find were hipsters, ego, artiest, cowboys, filmmakers, construction workers, old timers, more restaurants, and beer gardens closed until the weekend and the Hotel Paisano, where I refrained from buying a $38 dollar Marfa T-shirt. The El Cosmico RV Park that furnished the RV’s and the Food Shark, open for lunch and fenced by vintage cars. There was also the DQ, which might never have closed. I will also add from Marfa Texas: Part Two, I was very glad to have found the Lost Horse.

Marfa Texas is a town where I am haunted to visit again. I feel like I left without finishing the reason why I was there. – dbA

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