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Lost in Creativity

January 13, 2019
Chronologies, Excerpts, Fragments and Reflections!
From the Artistic Journals of Dan Abernathy
Wednesday – January 11, 2019 – Golden Valley, Arizona

img_0220I believe one of the most satisfying moments I gather, arrives the instant I look at my hands smeared with paint. It is a collateral cost instigated from being lost in creativity.

img_0173In the attempt to preview like minded people and their creative thoughts and ideas I follow folks, that in some way have adopted the life of van or bus dwelling. Some of their humble abodes and creativity are truly amazing. Lately I have come to notice that many of these dwellers are into the build more that into the lifestyle. This is unquestionably great and absolutely no judgment comes from me. If the build is what brings you pleasure and satisfaction then by all means this is what your focus should be. I am also extremely glad that you are sharing it. I myself am into the nomadic lifestyle more then the build. I have a very functional bus that works for me. Some might scoff at the Chool Bus, but for me it is a comfort zone and completely suffices as my house, leaving the journey as my home.

I felt the same way about photography and cameras. I was a freelance photojournalist for over 25 years. To me it was always all about the image. I had great cameras with fantastic glass, but it was never about the equipment. I could care less on how a camera worked, or in having the newest piece of one being released. I was about making images that not only recorded time, but also caught the eye and hopefully lifted the soul, no matter what situation they may have arrived from. This I believe is the reason why I have few cameras and tens-of-thousands images with even more unforgettable memories.

Our Dream Worlds

Dreams I believe happen for a reason that we often do not or cannot understand. For me when they arrive so vividly, I feel the need to document them so they will never leave. The other night I had a dream that, without question, strongly fits into this category. Yasmin returned from the other world to be part of the dream. She was helping me sort the volume of travelers, vagabonds and van or bus dwellers that were staying for a few days. For reasons known only to the dream, they started arriving at the cabin on Pine Creek. Being hospitable and kind, we were making room for all of them to be comfortable. Like most dreams that invade your sleep, I can find no real reason for it to arrive, have no understanding what it meant, or why it dissipated and faded away. It was however a nice, though confusing, reunion with the past.

img_9930Chloride, Arizona

Proclaimed as the, “Gem of the Cerbats,” Chloride Arizona is the oldest silver mining camp in Arizona. It is called a ghost town, but by name only, the inhabitants of Chloride seem to always forget to leave. Nuzzled into the Cerbat Mountains at an elevation of 4022 feet, this little town is not extremely hot in the summer, nor very cold in the winter.

Chloride was established in 1860 with the discovery of silver. During its heyday, there were more than 75 mines in operation, and the town grew to a peak of around 5,000 inhabitants. By 1917 the population had fallen to 2,000, and by 1944 it was as close to being the ghost town it is called today.

img_9973During its colorful history, Chloride was serviced by both stagecoaches and trains and the Chloride Post Office, also established in 1862, is the oldest continuously operating post office in the state of Arizona.

An added slice of historic trivia is that the western author Louis L’Amour, (who I met when I was about 14 years old.) visited Chloride in the late 1920’s. During his visit the town of Chloride caught fire. L’amour assisted the town citizens in a bucket brigade that ultimately failed to stop most of the town from burning to the ground

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Now Chloride is a peaceful place for tourists to visit and home to just over 300 residents, many of which are artists, writers and musicians. There are a few shops displaying the works of the locals, but be advise that the lifestyle in Chloride is relaxed and merchant hours are extremely flexible. One shop that I went into was open with a note on the door reading, “If you see something you want I am waiting tables at the restaurant. Please come find me to pay.”

The Purcell Murals

img_9955Located in the hills about one and a half miles behind Chloride and well worth the drive on a rough dirt road, are the famous Purcell Murals painted by the highly recognized southwest artist Roy Purcell in 1966.

Purcell was living the life of a prospector, found some time on his hands and painted some intriguing scenes on the face of the boulders. Over the past 53 these remote murals have endured the test of time and remain a vibrant addition to the desert landscape.

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My Derivative of Thought
“It is because I love and respect the incredible person that you are that you reside in my thoughts. With this inhabitation comes the respect of knowing you and never suggesting another way that you should be. It is you that I know and love just as you are, right now, inside your kingdom of being.”

Wednesday – January 11, 2019 – Golden Valley, Arizona

I viewed this morning, in my daily skim of news headlines that Joshua Tree Natural Park has completely closed. Though Trump was the catalyst that started this fiasco, with the Ego Wall, it is the people that are at repulsively at fault. I cannot believe the mentality and the actions of these people of low morals. Because they have realized there is no one watching, they catapult themselves into destructive mayhem, exposing their true ignorant mindset. To behave in this way, with this sickening behavior is disgusting and unforgivable. It’s not Joshua Tree Natural Park, this type of behavior is happen everywhere as the worst possible human behavior begins the non-retractable merge into anarchy.

The Derivative of Thought
“I’ve observed at the debris left here and there, both literally and mentally, with no regard for the earth. Now as I stand and talk seeing more rubbish tossed to free the refuse from minds eye, I am flooded with sadness that the passion for who we are has departed. This fills me with shock and disappointment as I fear there is little hope for any type of complete revival.”

“It is just that now, with everything being as it is, I am so often disillusioned and disappointed by the people I am in contact with on many different levels. I say this not as I feel I am better, or superior to anyone, for I am not. I say this because it hurts me to see the loss of compassion and kindness that seems to have found a natural way in evading the people.”

Thursday – January 10, 2019 – Golden Valley, Arizona

img_0231Have been staying at the “compound” for the last couple of days investing some great time into mirrors for the Quartzsite show. Will keep working and creating with the addition of some new jewelry for the next few days. I am starting to look forward to drifting further south into a now area, a new adventure and as always a new show where I exchange solitude with an over abundance of people.

There are times nonetheless, times when I’m inundated with the masses around me, that my need for solitude absorbs the person that I am. This is the interval I disconnect the mechanism of thought, join the way of breath and meditation to find the happiness of life and the realm that includes living.

I have often signified my way, as having nothing and wanting even less. There are undoubtedly few that can truly relate to this. I myself am still absorbing the whole concept. No one really knows the completeness, calmness and even the fearlessness of a person wanting nothing.

To expand my random and meandering thoughts even further, it is said, which I assume by those that believe they know, that the creative person, the artist, is tremendously more prone to madness. Why this is, I also assume is truly unknown, as the creative free mind has an advantage to see things in a fresh way. This open mind can often see the real way of being because they hold no censorship in what is being absorbed. Perhaps it is with this gift that the problem swarms. With the ability to see the true and pure insight, also holds the light to see the darkness, the suffering and hate that are seemingly everywhere. Knowing both sides is often to much of a burden and for some this weight crumbles to the point that only madness can be called on to survive.

My Derivative of Thought
“With the passing of time, the collection of calmness and the discarding of judgment, I have started to completely understand and except that there is nothing wrong with living a life that no one else truly understands.”

Wednesday – January 9, 2019 – Golden Valley, Arizona

img_0254Some mornings are just sad for me. I’m not really sure why and it does not always affect the outcome of the day, it is just that when the days start I’m sometimes overwhelming with grief. Heartache from all those that are gone from my life, while I want so bad to see them one more time. There too, are loved ones that are here that I want to see so badly that again the grief turns to loneliness and persistently wants to loiter at my doorstep. So far, I will not let it stay so I can turn my day into what my days are. But, often it will return, firmly knocking one more time.

It is much later in the day now. I very rarely return to my journal entries, but for some reason today I am. Perhaps it is because the thoughts boiling in my mind never seem to rest. Is this the reason why my ears constantly ring? Is it the vivid turmoil that is happening behind the inner sanctum of my eardrums? I was blatantly aware of my madness throughout the mystic day as I danced in the desert sun, created art without a shirt and loud music comforting the fractured but complete all of me.

I have no idea of the quality, but the speed of the compassion in my life is swiftly growing. It seems with each day I become more of who I am with the confidence to live it and project what it is.

I am moving carefully but deliberately ahead with my greener way. I use my water bottle and coffee mugs daily and have finally remembered to take my reusable bags to the market. I even received “points” from Smiths. But, on the opposite side of green, I am becoming highly aware and witness to what is not so green. Again I am pretty sure that my contribution is not really mattering much but I take great comfort in being less of a contributor to the problem. Because of this I am becoming aware of my surroundings and witness to people that have no idea what they are doing to secure the degradation of earth. I see use and toss, open and throw, and it is all done without glancing back. They unknowingly step over the rotting rubbish, left in front of them to leave more in their heavy footprints.

My Derivative of Thought
“The more time in the solitude with who I am, I feel more passion erupting within this person that I am. It’s dancing an ancient dance with a double-edged sword. With the first downward thrust I am sharing my thoughts of who I am in hope of creating more thought. Then with the backward trust I am overcome with deep sorrow as the insight of what was and what will be grows rapidly around me.”


Joshua Tree Natural Park

January 9, 2019

Chronologies, Excerpts, Fragments and Reflections!
From the Artistic Journals of Dan Abernathy 

Tuesday – January 8, 2019 – Golden Valley, Arizona

jt04I made an impromptu road trip into California, which routed me thorough Joshua Tree Natural Park and Wonder Valley. Because of the governmental fiasco about “Trumpty Dumpty’s Wall.” Joshua Tree Natural Park was closed except the road traversing though it. Please allow me to insert an amusingly fitting quote from a conversation between Alice, of Wonderland and Humpty Dumpty, which gives shocking simplistic, but great insight into what is presidentially happening now.

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”

Even though most of the side roads were closed though the Park, this road trip was truly an amazing episode in what it is that I do. I became witness to a beauty that will poke, scratch and make you bleed if you get to close, but was absolutely stunning in it own right. The serene magnitude not only pleased my eyes, it conjured thoughts from deep within who I am.

“As I was born a small town boy, I’ve never truly felt any ease of comfort surrounded by tall buildings and concrete paths. I was raised knowing this ease of being, before I was old enough to understand what it was. Now I believe that I had to see and appreciate the opposite. To know darkness so I could better see the light. Now as I travel and traverse all that is ahead, I do so with no fear. I comfort and rejuvenate the me of being as I stand by a cactus, lean on a tree, or sit by a pound. I have found great contentment in knowing that it is nature that contributes in making me whole. It is knowing that uniting with nature puts me in touch with a universal connection which allows the spirit to continue a calmness and understand for the all that is.” – dbA

Joshua Tree National Park

jt02The bleak but amazingly beautiful landscape of Joshua Tree National Park is the point of unification for two deserts, the Colorado and the Mojave as they join together creating surreal geologic features in this vast wilderness in southern California.

The Joshua Tree, which the park is jt01named for is a large yucca plat that the Mormon settlers named. It reminded them, surly after long days with sun and limited water, of a biblical story in which Joshua reaches his hand to the sky in prayer. This is just one of the prickly pieces of beauty in the Park. Amazing granite rock cropping’s that have been smoothed by thousands of years of jt03wind and numerous types of foliage, all of which can draw blood vividly mark the view of this open desert vistas.




Wonder Valley

wv01Wonder Valley is a sporadically populated area east of Twenty Nine Palms on Route 62, in the high desert of southern California and known for the bizarre art installation that adorn the roadside. This is just the aftermath from the dwellers that originated in the area. In 1938 the Untied States Congress approved the Small Treat Act, a homesteading law that facilitated the leasing a, public to private transfer of ownership of land parcels of up to five aches to United States citizens willing to improve the land by developing a residence, business or recreational structure.

wv03The popularity of the area skyrocketed in the 1950’s and 60’s thousands of tiny structures were constructed by eager homesteaders. Later, due to economics the desert dreams faded leaving most of these structures abandoned. There was a cleanup effort in the early 2000’s, which resulted in the demolition of hundreds of the small structures. Today there are still numerous homestead structures, in various states of repair and use, dotting the landscape of the Wonder Valley.

wv02Now more recently, Wonder Valley is still a magnetic draw for the individual, becoming a destination for the artists, as witness with a slow drive and the viewing of the numerous eclectic installations that have been created along the two lane highway of Route 62.


Sunday – January 6, 2019 – Golden Valley, Arizona

The rain arrived in the Mojave Desert yesterday and is still falling today. I believe there is a good chance when the clouds break there will be some snow dusting on the tops of the surrounding Cerbat Mountains, or Ha’emede as they are called in the native Havasupai language. Not that this is any type of alarm, as it will dissipate as quickly as it arrived.

I’m getting acclimated back into the life on the Bus and what I do, plus I am completely back on track to carve out a smaller footprint, both with my size and with the way I am leaving tracks. I did regress a bit over this season called, “holidays” and allowed a bit of indulgence to reenter, which I completely enjoyed without hesitation or remorse. I soon will be back to where I was before the annual celebrations began.

mugsThough I will never discontinue living for calmness, joy and happiness, I am committing to include the phrase in my life of being, “Green,” or at least greener. I will do my upmost best to no longer contribute to the problem. From now on with methodical and disciplined steps I am going to live a cleaner existence.

Step 1: Never drink from another plastic water bottle. Use my cool stickered one always.

In the United States alone, every second of every day over 1,500 plastic bottles are being tossed, discarded and forgotten about. Americans contribute more than 38 billion water bottles to our landfills every year.

Step 2: No more disposable cups. Use my cool stickered one always.

We are now producing nearly 300 million tons of plastic every year, half of which is for single use. More than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year. The world uses 500 billion plastic cups every year and 16 billion disposable coffee cups are used each year. These are coated with plastic to laminate the inside and use plastic lids. The world produces more than 14 million US tons of polystyrene (plastic foam) each year.

Step 3: Stop exiting stores with plastic bags. Bring my own cool reusable sacks.

Each year, an estimated 1 trillion plastic bags are disbursed worldwide. That calculates to be over one million per minute. Disgustingly, the average for recycling of plastic bags is approximately, one in every 200 that are used.

Step 4: More Steps to come!

The Headwaters

It goes back to the time of 1803 when Thomas Jefferson gave Meriwether Lewis the instructions to explore the Missouri River and all the principle streams involved. This area, though known and revered by the Native Americans inhabiting the area, became known as the Headwaters. If you take the time to calm yourself and feel, you will know why this majestic area is revered. Without doubt it is a place of high power and energy. When living finds me in Montana, the moments are found to rejuvenate who I am by spending time in and around these great waters.

Saturday – January 5, 2019 – Golden Valley, Arizona

censFlew from Bozeman to Las Vegas on Thursday night in a short but uncomfortable flight into the darkness. I found no comfort it the tight small seats and from fallow travelers that must have put their human socializing skills in with their checked baggage. Amazement from living in this modern world flashed its uncaring face as I found my seat on the aircraft.

There was this couple sitting in the C row of the plane. He was a big man of my size and she was an extremely beautiful woman with long flowing black hair. Both were mesmerized with the cell phones, seemingly oblivious to their surroundings. As I placed my carryon in the overhead department I looked at them, smiled and made a reference to her lack of luck and being wedged between two of the biggest guys on the plane, an indication that received little response. Before takeoff I tried a couple of more times to make pleasantries, but to no avail. They were focused on the world inside their cell phones. For the entire one hour and forty minute flight, not another word was exchanged between us. The only thing that I left with from this human encounter was the fact that even during the turbulence where our arms coiled there was no social interaction. I presume they were to busy indulging within the realm of social media to be bothered with real human contact. Or! Maybe I just scared the hell from them for being the over vibrant person that I am.

Back into the comfort of the Chool Bus and winter in the desert where temperatures are in the low 60’s, much better than Montana, though the beauty is not. I am not judging or comparing. I like the desert, which holds a beauty of its own, but Montana is so amazingly beautiful.

After a trip into Kingman for living supplies, everything is copasetic. I have a lot to do in preparation for my next show, but I do so with no stress or worry. I am back to being here in the now with who I am, and I like the occupation of this space. Nothing is permanent here in Arizona, except being a nomad and perfecting the life of a vagabond with the purpose of joy, contentment and spreading the power of Peace and the Seven Elements everywhere that I can.

Though I am appalled with the news that is being released with bias affirmations, I still scan headlines in search of facts that are not laced with an opioid of opinion. No longer is news brought forward with facts that allow the reader to ponder, digest and form their own conclusion. Opinions are being force-fed to us and we are supposed to swallow them without the benefit of water. And, if we regurgitate any type of rebuttal from what is shoved at us, we are quickly labeled with yet another false title.

The government’s partial shutdown is moving into its second week and we are being told it is acceptable. It is not all right and nothing acceptable about it, but unless we are physically affected with some type of discomfort we let it pass with the uncaring absorption. The use of care and concern is only strong enough to keep uninformed and feed the bullshit from the mysterious and confusing media. If government would all of a sudden ban cell phones something might be felt by the masses of people calling themselves Americans.

Be sure too, I am not siding with the left or the right; I’m not even joining the middle. No matter where I may stand the collateral damage falling on my shoulders is much to heavy. I believe that all sides are beyond redemption. The only truth I can truly comprehend is life in the United States is going to get horrifically worse before it can ever start to improve.

Wednesday – January 2, 2019 – Three Forks, Montana

Yesterday I saw, felt and endured -11 on the thermometer. Today I am more that ready to retune to the southern desert. My flight leaves tomorrow and I know my worn flip-flops are waiting with anticipation to great me in the Bus.

In my brief daily skimming of the news, I again felt even more repulsion with what is going on. A ripple effect of the partial government shut down has wreaked havoc on the National Parks. With little or no staff to handle the visitors, which have increased because of lack of personal to work the entrance, the gates are being flooded with people rushing to get something free. These are the people with low moral fiber wanting to take advantage of a bad situation and enjoy something for nothing. This is the same mentality that is defecating in the parks.

Because of the shutdown there are not enough people to clean up after the slobs that are hurrying to be there. After the restrooms become a human wasteland they had to be closed. This did nothing to curtail the “shitheads” from being un-human; they just did their business wherever possible. Then to top off their piles, they then tossed the rest of their unwanted excess out the window.

     Though the Government is the catalyst that started this shit show in the parks, “WE” the People should feel shame for what is happening because of it. With each snippet of news that I allow into my world I find myself becoming more and ore disgusted with humanity. The world is our home and we cannot shit in our nest. It some point we all end up wallowing in it.


Moving Into What Is

January 1, 2019

Chronologies, Excerpts, Fragments and Reflections!
From the Artistic Journals of Dan Abernathy 

january 1st 2019
Three Forks, Montana

IMG_0090To the day I am two weeks into my sixties and the year is 2019. Who would have ever thought it would roll into this. 40 years ago I truly thought I would never hit this milestone, but here I am and to be honest, save a constant pain here-and-there, I do not feel any different then I did at 20.

muleHad a treat yesterday, on the last day of the year and went to the movies. For reasons I do not know, I seldom do this anymore, as I so enjoy watching movies on the big screen. On this day I watched, The Mule, Clint Eastwood’s new movie. He is 88 now and I realized as I sit nibbling on over priced popcorn, I have been watching this man display his acting craft my entire life. I grew up with Rowdy Yates in Rawhide, through the spaghetti westerns, to Dirty Harry and everything in between. This last film, which he stared in, produced and directed, was fantastic.

I am not making any new years resolution, as I do not think they are worth the time used to express them. Statistically speaking, 80% of New Years resolutions fail by February. What I am going to state is I will be working on making a commitment, personally to myself and to the earth, to become greener. I do hope what I’m going to attempt will catch on and more people will try it. I am not going to waste time slamming the oil, as it is really futile and as long as I drive my diesel bus from, “point A to point B,” I should not say a whole lot. I do hope they clean up behind themselves though. What I am going to do is try my best to make the person changes, sacrifices if you will to not use the items that are destroying our planet. What I can do personally will not mater to anyone but myself, but if perhaps what I do, and I will be scattering the word, is copied by another, then another, it could possibly make a tiny divot in a horrific problem. I want to take care of the nest because as I see nature, we and I am talking the whole human race, are the only animals that will shit in their nest without feeling any remorse.

december 31st 2018
Three Forks, Montana

This is the last time this year that I will be making a journal entry. 2018 has hit, “the sale by date.” I am looking forward with great anticipation to 2019. I know the adventures, new places and the individual characters that I will find are going to be awe inspiring and magnificently rewarding. I have relearned that looking forward holds no fear, but rather ignites being with anticipation; it is the frosting of being here in the NOW. When I put my head to pillow, I smile with contentment and anticipation for what will be unfolded tomorrow.
Words To Entice Thought
“As we keep moving forward into what is, there is no reason to replace a pure joy of living with your face angled down. You cannot truly live life with your face bent forward, observing it through a digital device. Look up. Step out of the cosmic fog and find the things that bring joy to the soul, pieces of life that make you forget to check your phone.” – dbA

Standing on the Corner in Winslow Arizona.
Such a Fine Sight to See


IMG_0118There is a lot of speculation and intrigue about a song the Eagles recorded in 1972, Take it Easy. Everyone that has listened to music has heard it and if you’re from my era, you can sing along as it a part of who you are. I have partied, cried, reflected thought, danced, flirted with girls and in the 70’s traveled to an Eagles concert with a group of friends in an old converted school bus that seemed to have a constant nostalgic aroma about it.

“This Corner” on Route 66 was dedicated on September IMG_014311, 1999 as a tribute to the song that literally put Winslow back on the map. An important dedication after Interstate 40 bypassed Winslow, diverting traffic away from Route 66. This small corner park is free to stand on and it is estimated that over 100,000 people stop and stand on it annually. It is free to stand on the corner, but the numerous gift shops offer another diversion to get you off the corner. In September the town has a Standing on the Corner Festival that pays tribute to it all.
IMG_0122In 1998, the town of Winslow commissioned the renowned mural artist John Pugh to paint a background mural on the famous corner. Finding inspiration from the song, a 28’ X 40’ mural was created depicting the girl in a flatbed Ford.
The song that started it all, Take it Easy, was in fact written by Jackson Browne, a former roommate Glen Frey. Frey had broke down in Winslow, Arizona and had to spend a day there. He did however; develop an admiration for the small town. When Browne showed him the song he added the famous line.
IMG_0125“Well, I’m a standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona, and such a fine site to see. It’s a girl, my lord in a flatbed Ford slowin’ down to take a look at me.”
Frey, becoming cowriter of Take it Easy and history was made. As for the girl in the flat bed Ford, I believe that is better left unsolved. I for one was looking over my shoulder the whole time I was standing on the corner.


december 28th 2018
Three Forks, Montana

Snow is still spoiling a good time and my cold is crowning it with more time spent depriving me from good and happy moments. I’m a touch better than yesterday so I think if I’m good today and stay in recovery mode I’ll turn the corner.
I find it amazing and also a gift, after hearing it so abundantly portrayed in the daily lives of many people, but I very seldom worry. Perhaps I should but I just can’t find a place within the realm of living to fit it in. My mind works in thoughts that cannot find the comfort on the platform to indulge with worry. I am far too concerned with living, seeing and feeling. Besides the only true conclusion of worrying is that it does little good accept to destroy the moment of now.
I doubt there is a greater present or reward, than to have someone take to heart, have a philosophical embrace that ignited an inner light from your actions. The distribution of self with the sharing of your innermost thoughts, be it in words laid to paper, or from words released by voice, is a gift. To have this materialize more than once, to form an illuminating pattern with what you have allowed to flow from your thoughts, well…. As I said before, there is no greater gift or reward.

The Quagmire of Tradition

December 27, 2018

december 23, 2018 – Three Forks, Montana
Chronologies, Excerpts, Fragments and Reflections!
From the Artistic Journals of Dan Abernathy

IMG_0333A painted page from my journals

Time, or should I say the value of time, is truly one of the most extraordinary of things. This reality becomes even more impressive as we travel across it. With this new reverence, I find it imperative to rid my mind of the clutter that has found comfortable resting places to linger. There are many times when the quagmire of tradition is tasteless, giving you another daunting reason to keep a clear head, one untouched by excessive quantities of wine and tequila. These stimulating liquids seem to slosh and splash, making the road out for unwanted clutter a bit muddy and sluggish.

december 24, 2018 – Three Forks, Montana

Weighing in at 265, down 70 and I’m feeling fantastic. Last night I slipped off the diet and enjoyed the plentiful food that was prepared for Christmas Eve. I have also come down with a bit of a pesky winter cold, sore throat, cough and a moving ugliness to extort the supplied joy of the holidays so I feel like shit. Then to top the sick card that was dealt, it

IMG_0514Lights along a wooden fence after the Christmas snow.

also snowed. Not a lot but enough for a white Christmas and my nasty thought process to ignite in me. I will complement the sight as I saw the beauty in the snow blanketing the colored lights. It made me think of my mother and her love of watching Bing Crosby and Danny Key in White Christmas during each holiday season that I can remember.

Before the snow fell in the evening I went out in the partly cloudy skies to explore the back streets around Three Forks. I have wanted to shot some images of some of the things I’ve seen, but have never took the time to stop. So today I went out and made some images of an old Case tractor, but it was the Teslow Grain Silos captured most of my time. With the muted light of the day I made some cool photographic art.

Words To Entice Thought
“I find myself being very happy and living for the good of self. Living this way often includes long stretches of time spent in my own company. There are quite a few lonely people seeing this way as being the way of loneliness. I se this way as being one of freedom.” – dbA

december 26, 2018 – Three Forks, Montana

More snow hit yesterday turning the Montana hills or I should say the Tobacco Roots, a Christmas white. It was a pretty big storm that covered the bottom of the state. Heard it was dropping snow in Billings, which is on the eastern side of the Montana.

Christmas was good. I slipped into the past, becoming somewhat saddened, but as being here was, I didn’t wallow in it long and returned to the now of being here. Again I also went completely AWOL for the diet to enjoy the day and I did so with no hesitation and or repentance. This loathing journey into gluttony even included an amazing piece of blueberry pie.

Today however I am back on track with the weight lose plan. It has become easy for me, as my mindset is strong and determined. It will even be easier when I get back to the desert. I am even thinking about moving my mark ahead more. My goal has been 83, but I think I’m going to push to an even 100, which would let me touch 233. It is only 17 pounds more and rings as a much stronger goal. And now, as I have put this thought to paper, it is exactly what I’m going to be doing.

I wish I could sleep better. With the arrival of this cold and sickness I have been feeling for from the top of my game so at night I am tossing, turning and coughing, watching the clock and waking every half hour to do so. Needless to say it is making for long days and drowsy nights.


The old Case tracker on the East side of Three Forks, MT.

To escape and evade the 3rd Street drama I walked down to the Three Forks Café. It’s noon now and I am seeing a lot of burgers and chicken fried stakes move across the floor. I myself am sticking to just cheap

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restaurant coffee, which is far from the best. Three Forks have two coffee outlets here and I have not bothered to retain the names of either one. One is inside an old drive-in and shares the space with a real estate office. I tried it twice and have no plans to return. Cheap coffee beans brewed sparingly, as to offer watered down coffee, is not a return invitation for this coffee snob. The other coffee domicile is a drive-through hut on the other end of town. The coffee is much better there and I have stopped to feed my


The Three Forks Cafe

addiction numerous times. At least they can pull an Americano that tastes rich and strong like espresso beans are meant to be delivered. I went there on Christmas, as they were open, per the request of the girl working there. The barista pulled a Christmas Americano and after a very brief version of, We Wish You A Marry Christmas I tipped her a $10 spot.

After the silo excursion to make images, I think I want to go see the Headwaters. I have not seen this area in the snow and Ice and though I prefer it in the summer where I can leave my cloths laying on the backs of the rivers and dive in. As chilling as I’m sure it will be, it will also be nice to see it in the winter. There is something powerful with the Headwaters where the Madison, Jefferson and Gallatin converge to form the Missouri River. I am not sure what this place holds for me, but I believe it has a spiritual component that refuels my light whenever I make time to be there.


The Headwaters

Perhaps I pull from the fact that, “Water is Life,” as water is sacred. The Blackfeet believed in three separate realms of existence – the Earth, sky and water. The Blackfeet believed that humans, or “Niitsitapi,” and Earth beings, or “Ksahkomitapi,” lived in one realm; sky beings, or “Spomitapi,” lived in another realm; and underwater beings, or “Soyiitapi,” lived in yet another realm. The Blackfeet viewed all three worlds as sacred because within them lived the divine. The water world, in particular, was held in special regard. The Blackfeet viewed water as a distinct place – a sacred place. It was the home of divine beings and divine animals who taught the Blackfeet religious rituals and moral restrictions on human behavior.

The Overflow of a Toxic Christmas

December 24, 2018

december 24, 2018
Chronologies, Excerpts, Fragments and Reflections!
From the Artistic Journals of Dan Abernathy

There is a coolness that is in Montana that might be better then the chill in Wyoming, but I have to quickly admit it all sucks. I do not like to feel any past of cold, snow and ice. At this stage of life I have little or no desire to be anywhere near a unsympathetic winter scene. I like the warmth, being able to wear my flip-flops and don’t care that the heals of my feet crack and look like a lost, vagabond islander.

Yesterday I went into Bozeman, which is a town that I really like, but on this close to Christmas date, was not the time to be there. I also should add, I’m pretty sure no place where the rush of a consumer feeding frenzy would take place is. Unfortunately I had the displeasure of interacting with some extremely rude people. I am sure, I hope, that it had everything to do with the rushing crowds and the frenzy of shopper gluttony, that brought out the worst in people. The whole arena of commercialization was sickening and I will try to relinquish the displeasure of ever witnessing it again.

I touched it during Black Friday, in November in a different state and I scribbled some notes on scrap paper. Pulling this paper out of my little book I keep in my pocket, I’m adding some December thoughts.

Dateline November 23rd:
“I ventured out today, still filled with turkey, dressing and the warmth of a united holiday. I ventured out into a mecca of a distasteful commercial frenzy. Black Friday. This is nothing but a consumer created event to pry dollar after dollar from the folds of your wallet. I ventured out, exposing myself to a disgusting scene of materialistic gluttony, a sad venue where using manners, compassion and kindness are quickly lost in a race to have.

Dateline December 23rd:
I ventured out today apprehensive, knowing as what was lurking ahead in the streets, alleys and parking lots overflowing with Christmas shoppers. Again I ventured out into a mecca of distasteful commercial frenzy. The deadline was closing now and the frenzy was climbing to its highest mark. Again, more rudeness and people uncaring about their fellow man greeted me on this dark day of humanity.

vegas2Even when there is nothing really needed, nothing really wanted, pathological consumption has become normalized. But, the normalization becomes hilariously ridicules, as the wrapping paper is covering items that will hardly find use.

There may be amusement for most of the gifts purchased for Christmas, on Christmas Day, on the day after they usually become extremely daft. By the onslaught of the oncoming New Year, they find there way into the garage waiting for departure at a summer yard sale. This is simply and realistically the story of stuff.

Researching her film The Story of Stuff, Annie Leonard discovered that of the materials rolling through our glutinous, consumer economy, only 1% remain in use six months after the sale.

So what is to be known, for all the participants taking part in the shopping frenzy for Christmas, the products bought will quickly become obsolete, as they had no utility in the first place. They are disposable, designed to elicit a thanks, and then be thrown away.

Perhaps we should stay clear of the shopping malls and over decorated stores and truly bring back peace, love and compassion for the holiday season and not just send it as words on a glittery card. I myself need no gift other that the company of family and great friends with some quiet time to give thanks for what is in your heart, not under your tree.

Photo Details: Graffiti art mural in old town Las Vegas, Nevada


Arriving to Three Forks With New Organization!

December 22, 2018

Chronologies, Excerpts, Fragments and Reflections!
From the Artistic Journals of Dan Abernathy

Today I begin a new chapter and format with my postings, by pulling away and organizing everything into one arena. Though I will be posting notifications, to look deep into where it is in its entirety, you will have to visit my website and WordPress. This is going to consolidate my words, thoughts and images and also going to include my Journal entries. I hope that everyone getting enjoyment by following my thoughts and journeys will continue to trail along. I guarantee it will be as eclectic, strange and intriguing as ever. More so really as I will be the only form of censorship interjected into the new venue.

Made it to Three Forks, Montana here last night completing a five-day impromptu rode trip that started in Arizona, journeyed through six states to find conclusion in Montana. Luckily I skipped the chance to fight any bad roads and as I am flying back to Arizona and the Chool Bus, I shouldn’t see any winter roads at all. I also have no thoughts or desires to return to the mountains until the, for me, unpleasant snow has melted. I have often told people that I plan to follow the snowline, and this time I think it will happen.

As of now, being a nomadic vagabond, the road is what cries the loudest, fulfilling me with the excitement of the journey. It is all I deem a necessity as I travel from point-to-point. I have found a new awareness in what I am doing, a portion that I need to work on.

Number One is slowing the complete journey, now in progress to be in the moment even more than I am. To stop look and see and enjoy more and to no longer drive by anything that even remotely catches my eye. Stop and completely with no rush, enjoy the visual, get the photo made and inhale the moment that is now. Don’t let anything disrupt this so it will not be passed by.

Number Two, which is really also part of Number One. Find the element to see where you are now, no matter where you might be. There is beauty and intrigue everywhere, though some are more elusive to find. This way is part of being complete with being who you are. Existence in your true self as this too can sometimes be hidden from view.


I did have a slight layover in Pinedale, WY and being there was also a bit better sweet. On one hand there was a beautiful and magical evening filled with old friends and music from singer/songwriter’s that are not only extremely talented with their craft, they are also great friends. It was amazing to be part of this evening and made me truly miss Rock Rabbit and the great events we had there. On the other hand I was there to say goodbye to a dear person that is walking on, a friend I love dearly.


Words Derived From Inward Thought:
“Independence comes with the arrival of self-knowledge. It has no core-root or flashy appearance. When you find yourself secure with who you are, while knowing and loving your true self. This is the commencement, the beginning of the truest ritual of freedom.” -dbA

Photo Details:
Nu Skin partners with London artist Louis Masai for mural of endangered species. This mural, one of many around the world, of the endangered Gunnison sage grouse, is located in downtown Provo, Utah



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60 @ 60

December 21, 2018

december eighteenth, 2018
Chronologies, Excerpts, Fragments and Reflections!
From the Artistic Journals of Dan Abernathy
To find more unabridged and uncensored insight, and the derivatives from the murky mind of Dan Abernathy, visit


As I hit my 60th Birthday today, I have lost 60 pounds and I believe this whole sixty thing is a bit surreal. I never thought about hitting this age mark but now that it is here, well… it is what it is. I have little weight in my head today with the delight and realization that creativity and vivid ideas keep flowing in, but with no turmoil to complicate them. Over the years I have made mistakes and bad choices and while doing so I have gotten to truly know myself. I am proud now, with being who I am. I’m living by my means and my way, unburdened with any constraints that being part of the inner-sanctum can create. I am not in the box, labeled, censored and acceptable, yet for a chosen few, I have been excepted. I am calm, unhurried and serine. With these observations I am promoting who I am and willing to go forth with my true identity. For really no reason at all I have chosen to promote love, compassion and kindness as part of who I am. In doing so, as I move on, I am pleased, extremely happy and blessed with family and the wonderful people I call my friends. – dbA

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